Gameplay Rules

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Gameplay Rules

Post by AgentPopo321 on Fri May 26, 2017 12:32 am


  • 3 lag outs in a game means a forfeit. Game stops and stats are recorded.
  • If a player lagouts during a game finish out the period then take pictures (for stats) and restart the game playing the remaining amount of periods. if lagout happens the team with the lagout must win the faceoffs and take a penalty immediately.
  • If a goalie lags out the game the game ends right away. Take pictures (for stats). The game continues from the moment of the lagout. Which means if the lagouts happens with 1 minute left in the period then the game shouldn't start until the clock shows 1 minute. Let the team with the lagout win the faceoff and no player should move until the lagout occurred. Then regular lagout rules apply

Ragging the puck

  • Ragging the puck is NOT allowed! You cannot at any point in the game skate the puck up turn around and go to the back of your net. Keep the play moving as much as possible. Obviously reseting the play is allowed when needed. If you are caught ragging the puck you must immediately turnover the puck to the opposing team. If a 3rd rag is detected in one game you will ff the game no matter the score. If you catch someone ragging multiple times in a game record it and notify a commissioner.
  • Pinning yourself on the boards and diving will be allowed. If we notice people are taking advantage of this though we may change this rule.
  • Ragging is only allowed if your team draws and penalty and your goalie says he is going to the bench. You may turn around and let your goalie get to the bench. This shouldn't take any longer than 30 game seconds.


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