League Rules

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League Rules

Post by AgentPopo321 on Thu May 25, 2017 8:11 am

  • Respect all owners, players, and commissioners
  • Don't trash the site.
  • All Players must be ready for game time.
  • Don't join other teams parties just to bother them.
  • Do not message other leagues and trash them either. We are here to build a well maintained and a well established league to have fun and play hockey.
  • You are all expected to be adults when it comes to your language, do not harass or threaten anyone in the league.
  • Trade tampering will not be allowed! You are not allowed to contact another player or owner and work out a trade. The only members of each team that may discuss trades is owners and management only.
  • Stat padding is a huge NO! Do not pad your stats to make yourself look better. Enter stats in correctly at all times and double check your stats if you are unsure about something.
  • Do not post inappropriate posts on the website.
  • Do not bash other players on the site in game or on your jerseys.
  • Quitting games early is not allowed.
  • Intentionally throwing a game is grounds for immediate blacklist and NO RETURN!
  • Not showing up to games is not allowed unless your owner or manager is contacted. Remember it takes less than 2 minutes to message a manager or owner and say you can't make it.
  • Stats must be in every night by Midnight EST.
  • Contact a commissioner if you have any questions or concerns about the league.
  • If you step down from ownership you are allowed to appoint a new owner (upon league approval).
  • Management that are released by an owner may be put back into the TC pool (upon league approval) but will not be allowed to be management for the rest of the season or the next season.
  • If a team is caught stat padding the owner and management will be banned for the rest of the season as well as next season.
  • When playing league games you must have the league name in your team name, for example if you are the Toronto Maple Leafs your team name on EASHL should be EOG Toronto Maple Leafs you must wear the same colours as the team you are representing.
  • EA SPORTS is full of bad calls from the refs. If there is a bad call such as; a goal where goalie interference occurred and wasn't called or a kicked in goal that the referee missed, take a video and send it to a commissioner. We will decide whether EA got the right call or if something needs to be reversed. Each team is allowed a total of 5 league challenges in the season including playoffs
  • Games times are 8pm and 9pm EST Sunday-Thursday with a 10 minute grace period


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