Draft Rules

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Draft Rules

Post by Badpr0digy21 on Sat Dec 23, 2017 1:52 am

1.Each team owner will be invited to a GroupMe Chat for the draft you have 30 seconds in the first half to make a pick. After the intermission each team will be awarded 45 seconds to make a pick.
2.Any player on the team in management are secured players prior to the draft and throughout the regular season management can not be traded they would have to be fired and dropped to TC, or put onto waivers.( see waiver rules for more info
3. You are not allowed to tell any player they are secures unless they are in management all free agents prior to the draft are up for grabs.
4. This is for all players of eog: Whatever team you get drafted by you must play for that team or you will receive a season release and will not be aloud to play for the remainder of the season.


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